Chapter 7: New Food, New Taste Sensations

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Neesa clucked her tongue softly, recognizing the obvious subject change. She reached over to start the sink mechanism and that small act was the final straw for Bianca. She slapped Neesa’s hands away, determined to do this one thing for herself and regain some sense of equilibrium. …

I Feel Like I’ve Come Back From the Dead

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So, if anyone here has noticed, I’ve been away for nearly two weeks. I’ve missed posting here — not to mention, I’ve felt guilty as hell about not keeping up with my web novel chapters — but it wasn’t by choice.

I’ve been sick with… something. I wish I could…

Medium Is a Collective of Writers, So Let’s Enjoy the Fact We All Write About Different Stuff

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So I recently had someone leave a comment on a recent post of mine (the table of contents for my web novel, Magyck Lost, just FYI) and it left me scratching my head. Here’s the comment:

Thanks for sharing! I suggest you write about, how to earn money online, make…

Laura Probst

A writer attempting to put her money where her mouth is. Or her ass where her money is. Or something like that. Apparently I also try too hard to be clever.

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