Chapter 2: A Rough Landing

The two of us tumbled down (up? across?) the vortex. Bianca — immovable, unshakable Bianca — screamed herself hoarse behind (in front of? beside?) me. I was too distracted by the sensations I was experiencing to do more than spare a thought for her concern. I sure couldn’t scream like…

Chapter 1: A Day Like Any Other

The day started out the same as any normal day.

Okay, so that’s a totally cliched way to start off my story, but that’s the thing about cliches: People use them because they’re universal truths boiled down into pithy statements. So it’s the absolute truth when I tell you that…


Erde, one year ago

Lislegate (pop. 1 million), Royal District, Oranthe

Hobnail Alley, behind Aching’s Butcher Shop, southern merchant quarter


A lone figure, thickly muffled in an over-sized cloak, lifted his foot from the foul-smelling puddle in which he found himself suddenly standing. “Aw, and I just bought these…


Should you ever find yourself sucked into an inter-dimensional wormhole, here are some tips to help you survive the ride:

*One, if you still retain any control over your body — which is a big “if” considering the situation — bring your arms and legs in close to make yourself…

Let’s Take Another Grammar Challenge With Yet One More of My Pet Peeves, Shall We?

Photo by Rohit Farmer on Unsplash

I truly never set out to become a writer of grammar articles here, but I’m a grammarian (that’s someone who studies, writes about, and loves grammar, typically in a scholarly manner, but I’m adopting the definition to cover an armchair scholar such as myself, too). I love language: linguistics, morphology…

Laura Probst

A writer attempting to put her money where her mouth is. Or her ass where her money is. Or something like that. Apparently I also try too hard to be clever.

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